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SINUOPH information technology is located in Shenzhen, China, next to Hong Kong. It is a professional benchmark teardown analysis, cost modeling analysis, cost optimization solution, value engineering, innovation services, design optimization solutions, suppliers and supply chain services, talent service company, provide competitive product structure, characteristics and cost analysis to customers, provide value engineering, design optimization and innovation services to customers to win market share and be competitive in market.

SINUOPH continue to take advantage of own centralized procurement to help customers for competitive cost, and at the same time provide customers with supplier management and supply chain services, help customers resolve supplier production issues, price negotiation, quality and delivery issues, therefore customers can purchase the most cost-effective products.

SINUOPH also provides training services to customers, mainly for benchmark teardown analysis, should cost model calculation, value engineering, design for excellent, supplier early engagement development, supplier price negotiation and supply chain management training, and provides talent search services for customers and Companies find the most suitable professionals in industries.


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