We are specialised in providing market intelligence covering specific segments or entire markets for the global Speciality Steel Industry. The results of our research projects are based on a vast scale data-collection, comprising present and historical information about the supply side (production), trade (exports and imports) and demand side (consumption) of the specific steel products in question. Starting from our extensive database collected since 1994, we carry out detailed surveys into the topics defined by our customers in order to be able to elaborate a complete set of recommendations for strategic action. Our customers are leading specialty steel producers, traders as well as their raw material and technology suppliers. A typical case when we are called upon is when a steel producer plans an offensive move (e.g. investment) into new markets: either geographically, or by grades. In such cases, we provide all relevant data and information about market potential (end-users, converters, traders), competitors, local specifications, prices, forecasts, etc. for the market concerned. To this end we will not only visit and interview the most important market players, but also consult all other available data sources, like associations, research institutes, etc.

Our philosophy is best expressed through a famous line originated by Leonardo Da Vinci, "ad fontes" (Lat. "to the sources"), meaning that we strive to use only genuine data, gathered as far upstream as possible, namely at the source.

Market Research Project

We are an independent market research company and carry out market studies upon customer request. Below you can find a list of market studies that we have completed over the past years. If you are interested in a research about a different topic, please contact us.

Stainless Long Product

· The Worldmarket for HR Flat, Square & Hexagonal Stainless Steel Bars

· Stainless Steel Long Products in North and Latin America

· Stainless Steel Long Products in Europe

· Stainless Steel Long Products in the Emerging Countries

· The Global Market for Stainless Steel Fittings & Flanges

· The European Market for Stainless Steel Billet

· Stainless Steel Long Products in Germany

· The Worldmarkets for Seamless Stainless Steel Tubes

· The Worldmarkets for STS Instrumentation Tube

· Heavy Sized Stainless Steel Bars in Europe and North America

· The Worldmarkets for Stainless Steel Wire Rod

· Stainless Steel Wire in the Fastener Industries of the Industrialised World

· Stainless Steel & Nickel Alloy Bars in the US

· Product Concept on STS Bright Bars and Threaded Rod

· Bright Bars in China

· The Markets for Stainless Steel Flat Bars

· The Worldmarket for Cold Drawn Tubes

· The Worldmarkets for Large Size Special Steel Forgings

· Stainless Steel Long Products in Power Generation

· Stainless Steel Long Products End Use Analysis

· Precision Forged Bars in Asia, Europe & North America

· European End User Survey – Stainless Steel Bright Bars

· The Worldmarket for Stainless Steel Rebars

Stainless Flat Product

· Status and Outlook for Stainless Steel Flat Products

· Stainless Steel Sheet and Strip in Emerging Europe, Turkey, Middle East and North Africa

· The Worldmarkets for Stainless Steel Precision Strip

· The Worldmarkets for Heavy Size Stainless Steel Pipe

· Stainless Steel Flat Products in Europe

· The Worldmarkets for STS Welded Tube and Pipe

· The Worldmarket for Bright Annealed Sheet & Strip

· The European Market for Clear Coated (Anti-Fingerprint) Stainless Steel Sheet and Strip

· Stainless- & Special Steel Quarto Plate in India

· Stainless Steel End Use Analysis

· Stockists and Service Centers in Europe

Special Steels and Nickel Alloys

· Nickelalloy Bars in the Oil & Gas Industry

· Distribution Systems for High Performance Metals

· The Worldmarkets for SiCr and CrV Valve Spring Steels

· Alloy Tool & High Speed Steels in the USA

· Alloy Tool & High Speed Steel Long Products in Europe & North America

· Alloy Tool & High Speed Steels in Japan

· The World of Bearing Steels

· Hard Chrome Plated Bar & Tube in North America

· The Worldmarkets for Nickelalloy Wire

· Specialty Steels in India

· Production Cost Analysis for Seamless Drill Pipe

· Seamless Mechanical Tube in Central Europe

· The Worldmarket for Duplex Stainless Steels

· Distribution of Specialty Steels in Asia

· Worldmarkets for High Performance Alloys

· A 286 Bolts in Europe and North America

· Manufacturers of Ni-Ti Alloys ('Memory Alloys')

· The Worldmarkets for Nickelalloy Long Products

· The Worldmarkets for VIM Melted Superalloys

· Demand Elasticity of Nickel Using Applications and Industries

· Competitor Analysis of Duplex Suppliers

· Nickel Alloy Seamless Tube & Pipe

· Rostfreie & Nickellegierte Bleche

· Remelted Specialty Steels towards 2012

· Market Opportunities for Small-Size HF Mechanical Tubes in Europe

· Market analysis of the Tool Steel Industry

· Opportunities for PPW Weld Overlay Boiler Tubes in Europe

· Kunden & Absatzmärkte für Anlagen zum Richten langer, stabförmiger Bauteile

· Non Commodity Special Steel Long Products in Europe

· The Worldmarkets for Nickelalloy Wire

· The Worldmarket for Nickel Alloys

· Quarterly Nickel Alloy Market Data Service

· The World Market for Nickel Alloy Flat Products

· The World Market for Duplex Stainless Steel Flat Products

· The World Market for Super Stainless Steel Flat Products

· Nickel Alloy & Stainless Steel Competitor Profiles - Flat Product Mills

· Der Asiatische Markt für Edelstahlblöcke

· The Worldmarket for Duplex Stainless Steel Bars & Wire Rod

· The European Market for Engineering Steels

· The Worldmarkets for Supermartensitic Steels

Raw Materials

· Nickel Outlook to 2030

· Price Elasticity for Nickel

· Nickel Alloy Barsticks for Vacuum Casters

· Investment Opportunities in the FeCr Industry

· Long Term Availability Scenario for Stainless Steel Scrap

· Molybdenum Value Chain

· Molybdenum Enduse Analysis

· World Market for Nb in Superalloys

· Opportunities for Nb in High Growth Stainless Steel Grades

· Stainless Steel Scrap in China

· Stainless Steel Scrap availability to 2030

· Upstream Integration Opportunities for Stainless Steel Producers

Production Cost Analysis

Our extensive database about individual stainless and special steel producers allows us to calculate the production costs of virtually any producer and product form (grade, size, etc.) with high accuracy. Our cost model that has been developed together with leading special steel producers and engineering firms over the past 15 years is based on a profound understanding on production technologies and related cost parameters. The following list is an excerpt of cost analysis that we have already done:

· Stainless Steel Flat Products (Slab, 3mm No. 1 HRC, 1.2mm and 0.8 mm 2B CRC, 0.8mm BA CRC in 304, 316, 430 and 409) for up to 28 producers.

· Stainless Steel Plate (any selected with thickness and grade) for up to 10 producers

· Stainless Steel Long Products (Billet, Forged Bars 250 mm, Peeled Bars 50mm, CD Bars 25 mm, Wire Rod 5.5 and 25 mm)

· Stainless Steel Seamless Tube & Pipe (Mother tube, HF Tube, CF Tube, Instrumentation Tube)

· High Alloyed and Engineering Steels (4330, 52.100, H13, D2)

· Nickel Alloy Long Products (Alloy 718, Alloy 625, Monel K500)

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