DFX Expert

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Design for Excellence (DfX): Builds and maintains the DfX Program to improve business performance across business portfolios (products, services, commodities, direct and Indirect Materials/Services) with Procurement and the Business/market organization.

•Tailor the DfX Program to the challenges and needs of the businesses & Markets, supporting the business lead and key stakeholders in initiating and establishing DfX conventions to drive ideation and change and assuring proper transfer to the business, to external partners, and/or to customers.

•Leads and coaches sizable cross functional teams, often globally, to collaborate, drive and formulate innovative solutions that address the optimum combination of value, quality and total cost trade-offs based on key business performance targets and customer criteria. 

•Lead the cultural transformation to engrain a DfX / improvement mindset across all of Philips and help drive DfX methodlogy in the global I2M (Idea to Market) process so that it is ensured through our DNA.

•Drive the execution of the DfX Program (managing risks, specification, quality, time, money, information), while building organization capability with DfX methodology, mindset, tools and techniques.


•Support the DfXprogram planning, in close cooperation with the procurement Business/Commodity leaders/Markets , working as a  partner to Business & Procurement Management for agreement on the right assignments and then driving subsequent execution in consultation with the relevant functions and other key stakeholders

•Represent the DfX organization in the business and provide business management with regular project performance status updates, variances to plan and identification of corrective actions

•Lead and support the fact base analyses that will be used within the DfX work with any of the multifunctional stakeholders. 

•Support the Internal DFX team with the factual analysis of the different DB, methodologiesand tools and assure the possible reporting from it.

•Ensure that there is an effective transfer and archiving of the DfX convention deliverables towards the standing organization in the business for Ideation executing agreed within the DfX Convention meeting

Critical Experiences and Skills

•Professional with a 8-10 years proven track record

•Understanding of suppliers, business models, key drivers, measures and priorities

Education & Training

•Master degree in a relevant technical discipline (e.g. Electro Technical, Mechanical, Optical, Thermal)

•Extended with MBA

•Procurement/Program/R&D/ Marketing consultant/ Management

Dimensions relating to accountability; freedom to act, magnitude, and decision making

•Responsible for coaching & leading the belonging DFX Conventions, interfacing with all other functional disciplines as well as the planning of them.

•Local or regional scope Influencing > 100 million spend and related risk for assigned procurement portfolio

•Establishes short term (1-2 years) DfX plan for assigned business; -Coordinates all relevant Xfunctional stakeholders around assigned product portfolio